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Episode 17 : “Moonstruck” with Angela Madia

Today on the Bad Gay Agenda Nick FINALLY watches Moonstruck and is joined by one of his best gal pals, Angela Madia!! Angela tells us of her life long love for Cher and why this movie is a romantic comedy for the ages. Snap out of it and have a listen!

Special thanks to our Bad Gay Patreon Producers : Molly Harrington, Robbie Rozelle, Arturo Esteve, Shannon Mance, Amanda Berry, Pauly David, Cameron Bennett, Ashley Jeder, and Gigi Griffith!







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Episode 13 : “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” with Ryan O’Connor

This week on the Bad Gay Agenda we are joined by Ladywatcher extraordinaire and Elizabeth Taylor aficionado, Ryan O’Connor! Ryan shares his affinity for Elizabeth while simultaneously giving us insight on her career and her co-dependent and often controversial relationships with the men in her life. Enjoy!


















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Episode 12 : “Grey Gardens” with Matt Baume

This week on the Bad Gay Agenda, we are taking a trip to Grey Gardens! Join Nick and special guest host Matt Baume, from “The Sewers of Paris” podcast. We discuss the draw and peculiarity of both Big Edie and Little Edie, and why they are such fascinating character studies. So put on your revolutionary costumes and have a listen! Enjoy!












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Episode 11 : “Gypsy” with Amanda Kuchinski

This week on the Bad Gay Agenda, Nick and his favorite Squirrel Friend, Amanda Kuchinksi talk about Gypsy, starring the Divine Miss M! Nick is gobsmacked with all of the cameos and castings, and Amanda drops some Stephen Sondheim knowledge. Amanda confesses that this would be the one role that would bring her out of musical theater retirement, and we are here for it! Enjoy!









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Episode 9 : “Steel Magnolias” with Kayan

This week on the Bad Gay Agenda, Nick and his boyfriend Kayan discuss Steel Magnolias! This is an extra special episode since Nick is finally the educator and Kayan is stepping in to serve as the honorary Bad Gay. Nick shares his earliest memories of growing up in neighborhood salons, Kayan gushes over Shirley MacLaine’s performance, and both hosts lament the fact that Julia Roberts was the only actress to snag an oscar nom for this fantastic film. Grab a slice of armadillo cake and enjoy!
















Episode 6 : “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” with VJ Stalker Channing

This week on the Bad Gay Agenda, Nick and special guest VJ Stalker Channing take on Priscilla Queen of the Desert! Both Nick and VJ dive deep into drag culture, the importance of trans visibility in film, and how delicious Guy Pierce is in his undies. Enjoy!










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Episode 5 : “To Wong Foo, Thanks for everything, Julie Newmar” with Zee Machine

This week on the Bad Gay Agenda, Nick and special guest Zee Machine talk about Too Wong Foo! We break down the performances of our three heroines and talk about actors playing queer characters in the mid 90’s. Nick and Zee Machine touch upon drag and how its evolved other time in addition to all of the amazing looks and music of this fantastic film. Enjoy!