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Season 2 : Episode 3 “Kylie Minogue” with Dave Crump

Calling all Kylie fanatics! This week Nick is joined by the lovely Dave Crump to honor Kylie Minogue. Dave shares his story with us and how his journey is not far off from Kylie herself. He talks about live performances, favorite music videos, and why it was “love at first sight.” You simply can’t get this episode out of your head! Enjoy!

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Episode 6 : “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” with VJ Stalker Channing

This week on the Bad Gay Agenda, Nick and special guest VJ Stalker Channing take on Priscilla Queen of the Desert! Both Nick and VJ dive deep into drag culture, the importance of trans visibility in film, and how delicious Guy Pierce is in his undies. Enjoy!