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Season 2 : Episode 1 “Barbra Streisand” with Robbie Rozelle

Hello Gorgeous! Nick is back and better than ever with Season 2 of the Bad Gay Pod! This season Nick is tackling some of the biggest divas, icons, and pop stars in the queer lexicon. First up is the queen herself, Barbra Streisand! Nick welcome back friend of the podcast, and Babs superfan, Robbie Rozelle for a thorough discussion of Barbra’s body work over the the past decades! Enjoy!

Special thanks to our Bad Gay Patreon Producers : Molly Harrington, Robbie Rozelle, Arturo Esteve, Shannon Mance, Amanda Berry, Pauly David, Cameron Bennett, Ashley Jeder, Gigi Griffith, Ernie Freeman, Meredith Wallace and Roberto H!


Episode 3 : “Funny Girl” with Robbie Rozelle

Hello Gorgeous! This week on the Bad Gay Agenda, Robbie Rozelle is here to discuss Funny Girl. We discuss his love for Babs, the possibility of any future Broadway Revival of the show, and the nuance of Barbra’s performance is this iconic movie musical. Enjoy!

Click here to watch the Les Miserables Red Carpet parody that Nick and Robbie mentioned in the episode!