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Episode 7 : “Legally Blonde” with Jack Raisch

This week on the Bad Gay Agenda, Nick and special guest Jack Raisch take on Legally Blonde, (What, like it’s hard?). They discuss the idea of the film not being a rom/com but rather a com/rom, how Elle Woods is a modern day feminist, and the idea of kindness and confidence are the fundamental building blocks of leading a life full of joy and success.

Legally Blonde  Middle school production opening number


SNL skit https://vimeo.com/213459545

Jack’s favorite Elle Woods Montage
Legally Blonde trailer
‘Bend and Snap’ from the Legally Blonde musical










2 thoughts on “Episode 7 : “Legally Blonde” with Jack Raisch”

  1. Haven’t finished the episode but just wanted to chime in on why Enid was so hostile towards Elle. Vivian had told/ implied her Elle called her a dyke from what I recall and I clearly remember Elle saying something like ” I don’t use that word.” Which is like the 2001 version of just saying I don’t use slurs/ problematic words/ I’m not a bigoted asshole. That’s always stayed with me for some reason. I saw this movie at like age 10 or 11 when it came out. I’m sure it’s got something to do with being bisexual and the fact Elle does look like the kind of girl who could potentially be a bully and of course in middle school (though I thought I was straight then) it was very easy to be picked on for being LGBTQ+. So I’m sure there’s a lot of psychology shit that could be unpacked there. TLDR Knowing Elle Wood’s wouldn’t use gay slurs to make fun of someone was a big deal for me as a kid. #Elle Wood’s is a proper Straight Ally.


  2. Legally Blonde is another one of my childhood favorites and I lost my ever loving shit when I saw this week’s episode! I remember one of my long term babysitter’s/nannies (my mom worked a lot and traveled a bunch for work. So she would usually hire someone to watch me when she was gone and to help take care of me in the summer after day camp) from the summer before 5th grade taking me to go see this in theaters and having them tell me that sorority houses weren’t like that at all . I distinctly remember that was the summer of Janet Jackson’s All For You and Legally Blonde in terms of obsessions. Being the weirdo child that I was this movie also helped feed my obsession with going to Harvard. I actually ended up going with my mom on a business trip to Boston the next year and she was kind enough to take me to see the campus even though it was January and colder than hell.


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